Yukio Okumura ( ?? ??  Okumura Yukio ) is Rin’s younger, fraternal twin-brother

A much arrow and kind-hearted of course, he’s the latest youngest person to ever ticket new Exorcist qualification exam, attaining an effective Meister when you look at the Doc and you may Dragoon, and later becomes a teacher during the True Get across Academy, in which the guy ironically ends up practise their earlier aunt regarding way of the latest Exorcist.


Yukio have teal attention and you can darkish tresses. Their most remarkable trait is actually a couple moles below his leftover eyes and something that lower than their lips.

On anime, Yukio is visible which have a mystical black mark-on the lower from his leftover sleeve which is today starting to bequeath while in the their human anatomy. This might possess one thing to would together with brand spanking new birthright as the Satan’s son and Demonic energies he was supposed to possess shared with Rin, once the Yukio was shown starting their day-after-day assessment also it responded, nevertheless mark is never ever completely said regarding the anime (regardless of if Shura appeared to be concerned because of the vision of it).

On comic strip, given that waking their Demonic energies during the event twenty two, Yukio today and has an equivalent Demonic keeps as his cousin, Rin, when in their peoples form (age.grams. new somewhat directed ears and clearer puppies). While in their Demon form, he also have a blue fire, elf-like ears, and you may fangs.


Despite the fact that was twins, Yukio is usually detailed to get the contrary regarding Rin, and you may Ryuji https://datingranking.net/it/incontri-nei-tuoi-40-anni/ also says which he finds out it hard to believe that they’re related. Yukio is mostly recognized as hushed and calm but often features mood swings. He could be usually viewed gladly smiling, but could easily get distracted on account of Rin’s character clash, and you can will get rather black. He requires some thing certainly, but he knows a joke when he hears that.

The guy will not wish partake in ‘unseemly’ methods. He or she is constantly quick and you will lectures Rin on how to react. Because manga continues, Yukio will get more about frustrated with his dual given that Rin keeps doing things one to lay your at risk. If you’re Rin fundamentally accepts exactly what he’s plus the fact that he is Satan’s kid, Yukio just can’t seem to deal with Rin because the a sis such as he regularly.

Into the a number of circumstances, they are proven to enjoys a highly aggressive front, whether or not he’s very good at the concealing it. If the he could be forced past an acceptable limit, they can acquire a fiercely frustrated identification. His crazy side is really so extreme this frightens Rin whenever it can make in itself known. It down to their Demonic traditions actually regardless of if the guy didn’t acquire Satan’s flames such as for instance Rin. The things which irritate your include, but they are not limited to, individuals criticizing Shiro, Rin are “childish”, Shura’s flirting, are left from the circle, somebody asking your in the event the he could be okay, and being titled “weak”.

Regardless if the guy and Rin get on, usually, Yukio is normally a bit standoffish and you can aloof for the their sibling, selecting him unpleasant and not liking when he doesn’t imagine anything due to. The guy comes with a secret resentment for the Rin, not only since he’s a devil plus the man off Satan, and since the guy feels Rin is one accountable for the adoptive father’s passing.

Yukio come to feel enraged because of his own “weakness” recently compared to his earlier sis who he seen to be “perfect”, hence started right after his struggle with Todo with his sight flipping blue. That it determined your to learn more on the his birth and you will customs, leading to him becoming about unpredictable versus his common demeanor, assaulting also his student and you will family unit members. Their discovery of one’s insights brought about him so you can problem throughout the Genuine Get across Order and even shoot Rin in the head, showing a special variety of callousness and you can coldness.

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