Aang used to have a plans away from Toph [23] before several indeed met

Thus, Sokka began complaining one his sister and Aang were as well stuck right up in their own lovey-dovey-ness to remember your, in a way that Toph have annoyed along with his “belly-aching” regarding couples once one to Suki in the end arrived to request its guidelines into the Yu Dao

Shopping for Toph sulking with her head hidden within her hands whenever so it unsuccessful consequently, Sokka tried to cheer the girl upwards by providing subsequent suggestions on just how to motivate her college students, however, she slash him regarding by advising him the story away from the lady advancement out-of metalbending. She confessed you to the lady parents’ attempts to build the girl into the some thing she was not (hence their material prison represented) caused their feeling a great deal of stress and you may aches. She then find the Beifong Metalbending Academy is actually responsible for hypocrisy in the trying to perform the same task so you’re able to their college students, ignoring their protests on the other hand.

Just after this lady pupils flower to your event and rencontres juives you will defended Toph’s Metalbending college or university regarding the rival family of firebenders, Sokka and you may she frequently didn’t have much to do to possess some time. She a bit noticeably conveyed her very own disgust on the affection one to Sokka showered on the their partner upon the lady coming, appearing an ongoing sense about the subject demonstrating romantic affection at the front out of her, no matter if the woman is friendly enough into the Kyoshi Warrior since the an effective teammate whenever this type of displays stopped.


[8] Basic experiencing both during the underground Environment Rumble VI earthbending tournament, Toph considered Aang an opponent as he almost without difficulty defeated the woman by way of airbending. At first, she are reluctant to talk to Aang and you can forcefully left your hushed as he attempted to talk about her earthbending event during the food at the the lady parents’ home you to night. After dinner, not, a truce was developed and you can Toph explained to Aang her function to listen to the world. She proceeded to talk about the lady lifetime not as much as their overbearing moms and dads. Afterwards, Toph solitary-handedly saved Aang as he happened captive by the players of earthbending tournament. She in the future entered your into his quest immediately after running out of household, however prior to organizing your into a tree via earthbending to help you probably the score regarding contest. [8]

Toph began to instruct Aang earthbending, however, difficulties emerged between Toph’s exercises concept and you will Aang’s absolute tendencies as the a keen airbender. Earthbending is actually, centered on Toph, on actually trying out a challenge, maybe not seeking a way to or higher they. The two clashed identification wise as well, which have Aang’s pacifistic, carefree thoughts are sick-prepared to manage the tough and you will persistent Toph. She also went so far as purposefully acting mean by using Aang’s employees and utilizing it as a nutcracker to help you score an increase from the passive Aang. Counter-productively, Aang’s peaceful characteristics eliminated your off pretending and depression emerged because the an end result. Merely once an informative talk to Katara from the environment becoming their natural opposite feature performed Aang begin convinced surely. [22]

After, as he is actually obligated to confront an excellent ferocious conocer-enamel moose lion so you’re able to manage swept up Sokka, Aang fundamentally stood their crushed and you can read to believe such as an enthusiastic earthbender. It was indicated that Toph was actually observing all the while and once Aang ended up their the fresh toughness by firmly taking back his group and moving good boulder, Toph ultimately and you will with pride proclaimed your an earthbender. [22]

Toph commonly labeled Aang while the “Twinkle Foot”, which was most likely away from amicable laughs instead of insult. The fresh new moniker originated from Aang’s hanging after they fought. She mentioned he was “light with the their feet” and you can requested when the his tournament moniker are “The fancy Dancer”. [8] Toph was able to select Aang for the a large group due to the fact from their light footsteps. [24]

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